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Alcohol/Drug addiction is a complex disease that has serious, harmful effects on a person’s health and social relationship.
How does a person become addictive to drugs or alcohol? The answer is not so simple- no single factor determines whether a person will become addictive to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a treatable brain disease, that makes it difficult to resist substance use.
The factors that contribute to addiction are biological or environmental, or different combination of both types of factors.
Research shows that substance abuse usually begins in adolescence. There are several reasons for this.
One reason is, the parts of the brain that control judgement, self-control, and future planning do not fully mature until young adulthood. The teen brain is wired for risk taking and experimenting.
Trying NEW things is part of the process of maturing and developing the brains ability to evaluate risk and make decisions. As a result, they try alcohol and drugs and fell prey to it. Another important reason is PEER PRESSURE, teens are often strongly influenced by their peers, who may convince them that “Everybody is doing it”. The good news is that an addict can alter these risk factors, through proper guidance and counselling, that put him at risk of engaging in harmful behaviors, such as drugs or alcohol use.