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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation is integral part of our treatment program. In initial recovery period, strenuous physical activity like weight lifting, gives a false feeling of being recovered.
This feeling is at the physical level only. Since addiction affects all areas of the addict, we need to address their cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual areas too. This takes time. Heavy physical exercise in early recovery, may make them complacent and vulnerable for relapse.

Yoga and Meditation can help in purging a drug/alcohol addict of a destructive drug/alcohol addiction and dependency. A chemically dependent person (or an addict) is usually found to be anxious. Regular Yoga andMeditation brings down the level of cortisol and adrenaline, leading to lesser stress and anxiety as these both factors are frequent triggers for relapse.
Pranayama, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation helps reduce the negative feelings that compel alcoholics and drug addicts to reach for substances. It is used to connect in spiritual ways during rehabilitation and recovery.
Feeling connected to a higher power, through Yoga, meditation, prayers or mantras, has helped many addicts stay on the path of recovery.